About Us

What we do!

Our Committee:

We are in transition!  For 18 years we were the Hamilton Marsh Committee under the auspices of the Friends of French Creek Conservation Society.  We have now created our own committee “The Hamilton Wetlands and Forest Preservation Society.”  We believe that equally important to saving the 36 ha wetland is conserving the 360 ha’s that surround it.

At this moment we are in search of a treasurer to add to our team.  We will also be seeking volunteers to host tables at various events and spread the word about Hamilton Marsh.

What we do:


Engage the Public

We have collected close to 4000 signatures on our Declaration of Support to find an alternative to logging Hamilton Marsh.

Spread the Word

Various members of our committee have spent countless hours at various community events spreading the word about Hamilton Marsh and its value to watersheds, wildlife, and community.  We have also given formal presentations to the Regional District of Nanaimo, City of Parksville, and Town of Qualicum Beach.

Educate Young People

Whenever we get the chance we promote the value of wetlands, how they work, and the benefit to people and animals.

Past Activities

Launched a postcard campaign 

We created postcards with Martin Luther King’s Jr’s. famous quote “Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about the things that matter to us” with information about Hamilton Marsh on the back.  People signed and mailed them to all levels of government and stakeholders.


Work with Local Groups like TD Shoreline Clean Up

(at Hamilton Marsh)

We’ve engaged in many clean up efforts with local groups along Hilliers Road South and into Hamilton Marsh.

Qualicum Beach Fish and Game Association “Duck Boxes”

We were there when the PQFGA worked to restore and replace duck boxes near the dock.  Many individuals and groups care deeply about the fate of Hamilton Marsh