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Hamilton Marsh



A hidden gem of a wetland located ten minutes from Qualicum Beach.





Why Hamilton Marsh / Wetlands Matter:

As the population in our region continues to grow and displace native species, protecting critical habitats for flora, fauna, and ecosystem services, including water security, is of the utmost importance.  Hamilton Marsh (and surrounding wetlands) is the largest body of water in the French Creek Watershed on which thousands of residents rely.  It’s the most prolific waterfowl brood marsh on this part of Vancouver Island and provides habitat for many species of wildlife.


Hamilton Marsh

Quick Facts:

  • Hamilton Marsh is privately owned by Island Timberlands.

  • The 36 ha wetland sits within 360 ha of amazing forest.

  • It’s the largest body of water in the French Creek Watershed and is connected to Beach and Grandon Creek watersheds in Qualicum Beach.

  • It’s the largest waterfowl brood marsh between Nanaimo, Port Alberni and Cumberland on Central Vancouver Island

  • It’s home to several red and blue listed species and many varieties of dragonfly.

  • For 50 years (with at least 3 owners) local residents have tried to have it conserved with no luck.

Watch our short 6 minute video to understand the importance of Hamilton Marsh :

Our Vision:

To conserve, protect and maintain the ecological integrity of the 360 hectares that comprise the Hamilton Wetlands and Forest.

Our Mission:

To integrate conservation and education for a sustainable future of the 360 hectares.  The Society’s goal is to ensure that the ecological integrity of the lands is maintained in perpetuity, and to ensure a sustainable future for all species and humans that depend on the land and the ecosystem services that it provides.

Our Mandate:

To work towards fulfilling objectives that support:

* Conservation of biodiversity

* Research and education opportunities

* Social well-being and connection to nature

* Engagement and partnerships with First Nations


Dax Dasilva visits Hamilton Marsh:

Dax Dasilva is the Founder of Age of Union and Founder and Executive Chair of tech company Lightspeed Commerce. With its debut as a book in 2019 and its evolution into an environmental alliance in 2021, Age of Union brings together leadership, culture, spirituality, and environmental guardianship to support and inspire the impactful changemakers that our world needs now.
Dax Dasilva’s contributions towards preserving the French Creek Estuary was amazing. Hardworking volunteers were so appreciative of his generosity in contributing a $1 M gift toward conservation of the estuary land. He has a heart for nature and full awareness that we share this planet and its ecosystems with wildlife. Lynne Brookes well known local environmentalist and member of the Hamilton Marsh Committee, shared her knowledge with him.
Video provided courtesy of the Save Estuary Land Society and videographer Karissa Chandrakate.


Where is Hamilton Marsh?

Getting to Hamilton Marsh

It’s easier than you think!

Drive straight out of Qualicum Beach on Memorial Ave. Keep going  (under the overpass the Hwy going to Courtenay or Nanaimo) as if you’re headed for Port Alberni.  Take the first right at the bottom of the first hill onto Hilliers Rd S.  You’ll see boulders on the left.  Ignore those – keep driving until you come to a second set of boulders – that’s the entrance to the trail that takes you to the dock.  Park on the right.  When you come to a Y on the trail – go right.  That’s it!

Check out the following paper by Liz Bredberg!